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The Group

The VALDETTARO GROUP is made up of historic companies that have been operating for decades in the nautical sector, offering multiple services: from shipbuilding, to marina services, hospitality, up to tourist experiences, all with a common denominator: the passion for sea.

A dynamic industrial group in continuous expansion, which operates from Liguria to Tuscany, up to Sardinia. Born to keep the tradition of historic Italian shipyards alive, it then focused on offering a complete range of services, becoming a point of reference for the upper Tyrrhenian Sea for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of boats ranging from small wooden fishing boats to mega yachts of 100 m.


Years of history


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The future of the sea economy

VALDETTARO Cala Saccaia: the largest shipbuilding hub in the Mediterranean dedicated to Mega Yachts opens in Sardinia.

A new world class nautical center with state-of-the-art facilities, created to offer maintenance and refit services for maxi yachts and vintage boats up to 100m.

Our History

The creation of a green marina

The group was born from the idea of the Vanelo family, entrepreneurs from Massa Carrara in the marble sector and great enthusiasts of sailing and boating. In 1994 the family had the intuition of taking over land between La Spezia and Portovenere in Fezzano with an old shipyard that used to work for ferries, with the intention of creating something totally different: a small super-equipped tourist port inside the Golfo the Poeti. One of the sons, Ugo Vanelo, world sailing champion in 1988, became passionate about the project. This is how the Marina di Fezzano was born, the first floating green port in Italy with 270 berths, an oasis of tranquility in a strategic position.


The rescue of historic shipyards

A few years later, the family took over the Valdettaro shipyards and revived the tradition of shipwrights, also building mooring and storage for larger boats. Today it is one of the few places in the world known for the restoration of vintage boats, the construction of gigantic wooden masts and the mooring of large sailing ships.
Years go by and the Vanelo Family buy the Canaletti shipyard, differentiating the shipbuilding offer. Canaletti was in fact ideal for the refitting of motor boats and for accessing the sea for large vessels.

New investments

The VALDETTARO GROUP was born, which also began to invest in hospitality and tourism, embracing the maritime economy at 360 degrees. The group, which has become a point of reference for the upper Tyrrhenian Sea, goes beyond Liguria with an investment of 10 million euros in Cala Saccaia in the Gulf of Olbia, with the dream of creating a hub for mega yachts integrated into the marvelous Sardinian nature.


We aim to offer excellent services that respect the environment. We are looking for people who share these values.

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